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Today let’s talk about the indispensable appliance in modern kitchens  – THE ELECTRIC OVEN!

How many times have you looked at the various symbols and icons adorning their control panels and wondered what it could do but was too afraid to try it on?

Keep reading to decode the enigma of these symbols and enhance your cooking experience!

  1. Temperature Control Symbols: The temperature control symbols on an electric oven are typically represented by numerical values and degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). These symbols allow you to set the desired cooking temperature for your dish. Common temperature symbols include:
  • Single line with a dot or cross at the end: Denotes the ‘Off’ position.
  • Fan: Indicates the ‘Fan Oven’ mode, where heat is circulated evenly by a fan.
  • Upper and lower heat or lines at the top and bottom: Designates ‘Conventional Oven’ mode, where heat is emitted from both the top and bottom elements.
  • Zigzag line: Represents the ‘Grill’ mode, used for browning or crisping the food’s surface.
  • Circle with a horizontal line at the top: Signifies ‘Defrost’ mode, ideal for defrosting frozen food.
  1. Cooking Function Symbols: Modern electric ovens often provide a variety of cooking functions to cater to different culinary needs. Understanding their symbols can unlock a world of possibilities:
  • Square with a fan inside: Indicates the ‘Fan-forced’ or ‘Forced Air’ mode, where heat is generated by a fan and provides optimal cooking results.
  • Square with upper and lower lines: Designates the ‘Bake’ or ‘Conventional Oven’ mode.
  • Individual lines at the top and bottom: Represents the ‘Top-Bottom Heat’ mode, used for simultaneous cooking on multiple racks.
  • Wavy lines: Signifies the ‘Bread Baking’ mode, specially designed for baking bread and pastries.
  • Heart symbol: Denotes the ‘Keep Warm’ mode, keeping your food at a constant temperature without overcooking.
  1. Timer and Alarm Symbols: To aid precision cooking, electric ovens feature timer and alarm functionalities. Familiarize yourself with these symbols:
  • Clock: Represents the ‘Timer’ function, used to set the desired cooking time.
  • Alarm bell: Indicates an audible alert for when your preset cooking time has elapsed.
  1. Specialty Symbols: Some electric ovens may have additional symbols for specialty features. Here are a few examples:
  • Pizza slice: Denotes the ‘Pizza’ mode, optimizing heat distribution for a perfect pizza crust.
  • Rotating arrows: Represents the ‘Rotisserie’ or ‘Spit Roasting’ mode, where the oven will rotate a skewer to cook meats evenly.
  • Microwave symbol: Indicates a combination microwave-oven mode, combining the features of a traditional oven with those of a microwave.

Now you can confidently utilize your oven’s capabilities to showcase your culinary skills! Remember to consult your oven’s user manual for specific symbol interpretations, as they may vary between different brands and models.

Happy cooking!

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