Our ovens go through a lot. From cooking delicious dinners to baking sweet treats, there isn’t much that we don’t demand from our reliable appliances.

With all of the use that your oven sees, it’s possible that it doesn’t perform the way it used to when it was newer. If your oven is not working properly, then you are definitely aware of how inconvenient and stressful preparing meals can be.

Waiting too long to get oven repair may result in you having to pay a huge sum to replace your appliance, so it’s crucial that you watch out for the warning signs that your oven might be heading downhill. If you want to avoid replacing your oven, here are some signs that your oven needs repair.

Odd Noises

Is your oven making odd or alarming sounds when you’re using it? If it does, you should consider scheduling a repair service with our company.

Properly functioning ovens should be completely silent when in use. Any unusual popping, ticking, whirring, or scratching definitely indicates that there is an issue.

Abnormal Odours

Foul or abnormal odours being emitted from your oven also warrant professional attention.

These odours could be a result of a warped wire or even a gas leak, both of which could be serious threats. If you do smell something odd when using your oven, it’s recommended that you turn it off immediately and call for help.

Food Burns Easily

Do you find yourself serving burnt food despite having it in the oven for the appropriate amount of time? This could also be an indication that you need oven repair service.

It could be that your oven’s thermostat or another part is broken. Definitely get that checked out because this poses a fire hazard.

Electrical Issues

Ovens that take an abnormal amount of time to turn on or won’t turn on at all are suffering from electrical issues. An electrical issue with your oven might also cause your oven to stop operating as efficiently as it once did.

A broken wire, bad current, or poor control could all be culprits when it comes to an oven’s electrical problems.

Burner Issues

Burners are an essential part of any oven, and when they’re not working properly, they can cause concern. Not only are non-functioning burners a pain, but they could be the result of an underlying problem.

If your burners aren’t turning on or heating up, turn them off completely and give us a call. We will be happy to take care of it!

Know These Signs of Oven Repair

Do not make the mistake of letting your oven die out completely. Instead, let us perform oven repair so that you can get back to making your favourite dishes again (without the headache).

Looking for more appliance repair tips? Check out our page here or give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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